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Is the healing powers of CBD oil a myth? Does it really do what people say it does? Myths are sometimes what legends are made of, stories of old, but here at CBD & Essential Oils, we hope you’ll find some answers that will ultimately dispell any known myths you may have come across.  If you have first-hand experience and/or knowledge of both CBD & Essential Oils, please explore and/or contribute to this site so that others with the same “is it a myth” mindset can be educated properly.


While CBD oil is not necessarily a mystery, the mystique of it is undeniable. People are still trying to unravel its mysterious “healing powers”. Whether it’s the chemical makeup or just one of those “hemp plants are good medicine” folklores, there is no doubt that CBD oil has peaked a lot of peoples curiosity and with curiosity comes the questions and mystique! And just like a good mystery novel book, we hope that you will include us in your mystery solving journey for the who, what, where, and why of this marvelous hemp plant that produces CB oil!


The truth is, as it always is, CBD oil is real, it has a real purpose, the facts are undeniable and when you figure how long it’s actually been around, I’d say the American West is a little slow on catching up on the truth. But also as it is, always proceed with caution as there are those that will mislead seekers of truth with false imitations, which can lead to some very dangerous consequences. Here at CBD & Essential Oils, we always encourage everyone to do their “legwork and research” due diligence in discovering any truths. What we provide is what we consider to be the “credible and reasonable” true-life experiences and knowledge of people willing to help and further educate the uneducated who want to learn more.

CBD & Essential Oils does not consist of professionally licensed CBD & Essential Oils experts but we are advocates and affiliate promoters of those CBD & Essential Oils products and services we consider to have your best interest in mind.