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Fragrance Oils

We are working on the line of Fragrance Oils since 1955 after the independence of India. This is our family business and our forefathers are making the finest Natural Fragrances, Attars and Essential Oils. But as time spent, the market is now tends to very competitive and liking the chemical preparation very much. Today the people want hard chemicals with long lasting for their products.
We decided to provide very high quality, long lasting harmless Fragrance Oils.
Fragrance oils for:
Soap Making
Candle Making
Skin Care blends or solvents
Incense Stick formulations
Room Sprays
Perfume dispenser
Deodorant or Antiperspirants
Scent Making
There are no available products under this category.
*Note: Essential Oil Bazaar is the shop of absolute oils & other oil products, we do not provide raw material. We have displayed this information because from most part of world we are getting orders of raw material but, as per the rules and policy of the company we are not the providers of raw material of essential oils. So, please order/contact only for essential oils.